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I forgive myself
For having stayed,
Lying there frozen,
Unable to move.
I forgive myself
For not screaming,
Not kicking,
Resting my fists.
I forgive myself
For my no that was left unheard,
Trapped in my movements,
Trying to meet hands that refused to listen.
I forgive myself
For not leaving,
When I wanted to go.
For coming back, when I needed to stay away.
I forgive myself
For denying,
Not daring to understand,
Unwilling to think.
I forgive myself,
For breaking into thousand pieces,
For the glue
that refused to hold.
I forgive myself
For mornings in which I couldn't get out of bed,
For days that went on wasted,
For nights I failed to sleep.
I forgive
My moments of weakness,
And those in which panic caught the breath in my chest,
For forgetting how to dream.

I forgive myself,
And say again that I'm not guilty,
And remember that I'm not the one to blame.
I forgive myself,
And next year, maybe,
I'll find the strength to forgive you.

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